Are you tired of using the same old marketing techniques? There are more effective ways of attracting customers and making a profit than what you’re doing.

Text blast service are a hidden gem that people are not using that much – so you can get ahead and take advantage of an opportunity that keeps growing.

1. Tap into the biggest demographic possible – cellphone owners

How many cellphone owners do you know? Pretty much everyone has a phone in their pocket nowadays! More than 90% of adults worldwide own at least one. That’s a huge pool of potential customers waiting for your offer.

2. Email is small compared to phones

You may think about emails instead of phones. Everyone has one, right? Why would you focus on phones when everyone receives offers on their email account? For that very reason! Everyone expects marketers to make their way into their email accounts.

In contrast, few and far between entrepreneurs use SMS marketing services. You have a higher chance of engaging with would-be customers if you avoid the beaten path.

3. Easy to send, fast delivery, and quick turnaround

The great thing about SMS messages is that they’re short and sweet. Users take less than a minute to read what’s going on and decide whether they opt in or not.

Your job is to make the message simple, straightforward, and suggestive enough for people to buy what you sell. You’ll receive an answer in less than a minute!

4. High open and response rates

Studies show cellphone users read nine out of every ten messages they receive – and do so within three minutes of receiving them!

There’s no other medium that is as fast or as effective. In contrast, people open 1 in 5 email newsletters they receive. Social media campaigns have worse rates than email ones.