Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2017

Leader Khanal slams govt of dancing to the tune of foreigners

senior leader Jhalanath Khanal has accused the incumbent government for dilly-dallying the announcement of elections under the influence of foreign forces.

Addressing a programme organized by UML Kolbung Committee in Illam today, leader Khanal further blamed the government for causing separation between Terai and the hilly districts and dividing Terai from the mountainous regions.

Khanal warned of assuming the leadership role for holding elections if the incumbent government continues to announce the date for the elections.

The former Prime Minister demanded the construction of a physical infrastructure in the no man’s land at Pashupatinagar area in Ilam be stopped at the earliest.

He also reaffirmed that the UML will not let the constitution amendment bill to be endorsed in the Parliament. RSS

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